LMS in Schools

In K-12 education, the early years are crucial for a student’s lifelong journey. Yet, traditional systems struggle to provide personalized and collaborative learning at scale. This diversity in learning styles makes it challenging for teachers to ensure every student’s comprehension. Digital transformations have fallen short, leaving students to struggle. There’s a need for a modern learning platform, leveraging AI and gamification, designed for K-12 education.

The platform should empower teachers to create engaging lesson plans, ensure no student is left behind, and give teachers and parents the means to monitor and support student progress.

Our LMS’s AI, makes personalized learning scalable and efficient. It streamlines class creation, reduces costs, and empowers educators with tailored recommendations and advanced automation.

We free up educators’ time with over 25 automation features, allowing them to focus on teaching, creativity, problem-solving, and meaningful interactions with students.

Student Engagement
We take student engagement to the next level with gamification, leaderboards, and awards, ensuring learners stay motivated and active in their educational journey.

Maintaining the
Human Connection
While embracing AI, we also value human connection. Our Universal Translator and interactive features keep the learning community close-knit, even in digital settings.

Elevate school education with BCT Learning’s competency-based LMS

School education is facing a critical challenge: a staggeringly low learning retention rate, as low as 2% to 3%. This issue arises from outdated learning management systems that assume all students learn in the same way, leaving teachers and students without the tools to create tailored, engaging learning experiences.

At BCT Learning, we’ve redefined the landscape of K-12 education by introducing a revolutionary LMS. Our platform empowers schools and teachers to craft competency-based courses with personalized learning paths, immersive content, and advanced analytics. Thousands of schools have embraced our solution, enabling teachers to inspire and engage students while ensuring proficiency at every step in their educational journey.

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Traditional approach

  1. Uniform Learning: Traditional methods follow a one-size-fits-all approach, failing to adapt to individual progress.
  2. Manual Content Bridge: Bridging content development and delivery requires multiple expensive tools and manual effort.
  3. Rigid Materials: Learning content remains static, leaving students disengaged.
  4. Basic Reporting: Conventional reporting offers limited insights with basic data.
  5. Tedious Course Creation: Course creation is time-consuming and manual.

BCT Learning’s approach

  1. Personalized Learning: Our LMS deliver personalized learning profiles, competency mapping, and assessments in minutes, ensuring mastery-level knowledge before progression.
  2. Streamlined Content: Unified content development and delivery speed up course creation and updates.
  3. Engagement Enhancement: Our LMS incorporates new media and technologies, such as gamification, to boost student engagement and retention.
  4. In-Depth Analytics: Powerful analytics enable educators to track student progress, identify knowledge gaps, and pinpoint areas for improvement.
  5. Efficient Automation: Automation and AI tools reduce course creation to minutes, facilitating real-time information dissemination.

Experience effortless teaching

Educators are the backbone of education. Our Learning Management System empowers them to craft exceptional lessons while liberating their valuable time to concentrate on making a profound impact on their students.

  1. Effortlessly generate captivating class materials
  2. Tailor student content to align with individual goals and achievements
  3. Select from a diverse range of assignment formats
  4. Optimize time management by setting clear objectives

Explore collaborative learning

Students bring diverse educational aspirations. Create an enjoyable and interactive learning experience that equips them for real-world careers.

  1. Recognize students with points and badges for their achievements
  2. Achieve proficiency in the subjects and skills covered
  3. Engage in lively discussions with fellow students and faculty
  4. Provide a platform for students to proudly display their accomplishments

Achieve educational objectives

Attain a comprehensive overview of your entire campus and gauge the overall performance of your teaching staff. Streamline administrative tasks, automate processes, and oversee all school operations efficiently.

  1. Gain insights into classes, assignments, and student performance
  2. Effortlessly manage multiple campuses within a unified account
  3. Enable parents to access their children’s grades
  4. Tailor a bespoke portal to your specific needs

Elevate your K-12 course creation, lightning fast!

Harness the power of AI within our platform to supercharge the creation of K-12 curricula and educational content. Empower yourself to swiftly develop dynamic courses that captivate and ignite your students’ learning journey. Picture crafting competency-focused, gamified, and individualized content in a mere 10 minutes!

Unlock the ability to:

  1. Develop highly tailored courses – incorporating your chosen content sources – and release them precisely when needed!
  2. Maintain control over the quality, precision, and trustworthiness of your content
  3. Guarantee subject mastery for every student, on a scalable level
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Simplified Integration

Our platform ensures effortless compatibility with leading educational tools, including Google Drive, Office 365, MS Teams, Kaltura, Go1, Zapier, Zoom, Turnitin, and even Amazon Alexa for rapid information retrieval.

Moreover, we streamline your operations with SIS integration, automating data synchronization from platforms like Clever and Kimono, reducing manual tasks, and providing adaptable SIS APIs for diverse systems.

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Accessible hosting and support

Our platform guarantees universal accessibility, enabling seamless connectivity for both educators and students on any device, with user-friendly mobile apps available for iOS and Android.

For your convenience, our extensive help center is at your disposal, offering well-organized topics, one-click access to support, and a wealth of valuable resources.

Rest assured, our committed support team is available round-the-clock, offering premium and standard assistance options, ensuring your needs are always met.

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