Importance of technology in the classroom

All around us, innovation is happening at breakneck speed. In a wand where being technology savvy is essential to competitive success it is important for schools to integrate Al and Robotics into their curriculum at an early stage, Studies show that learning robotics not only improves students consistency and grasp of mathematics but also weakens gender stereotypes in STEAM-related careers Schools should include conversations about these technologies to encourage students to start early and educate them on the concepts they need to specialize in once they complete schooling and enter their career field of choice.

Bringing technology into the classroom

BCT Learning offers advanced classroom technologies that enable educators to assess, instruct and collaborate with students over multiple delivery mediums and learning devices. We understand that innovative technology support is needed to deliver integrated and highly personalized experiences to the modern-day learner. Our custom offerings, enriched with technologies like interactive displays, smart screens and whiteboards, help captivate the minds of young learners, helping them absorb complex concepts and lead productive discussions easily, across devices.

We offer:

    • Best-of-breed collaboration and classroom assessment software
    • Interactive whiteboard lessons and collaborative and team activities
    • Ability to perform real-time formative assessment
    • Mobile app for cross-device group learning, discussions and collaboration
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Interactive display

The goal of any classroom is to facilitate effective learning, leading to deeper understanding of the topic or concepts being discussed. It is well-established that interactions are the key components in this process. We enable schools and their educators to present information in innovative ways by utilizing the power of interactive technologies.

Our intelligent displays, smart boards and similar technology-led solutions promote active engagement and help to increase the depth of students’ contextual subject matter understanding. They also provide them a higher incentive to participate and lead productive curriculum discussions.

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Classroom software

Choosing the right classroom software for your needs is not an easy task. It is important to understand that it is not the technology alone that makes classroom technology effective, but rather a combination of factors that make education comfortable and interesting for the students. Our team of experts will work on this journey with you, right from helping you select the right software configuration for your needs, to training your educators and providing sufficient demos – eventually ensuring high rates of technology adoption and its continued use.

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Our Other Solutions

Digital Content

By leveraging technology, high-quality and relevant educational videos discover how we make content easily accessible to learners anytime and over any device.

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Langauage Learming

Language Learning & Exam Preparation

Programs customized to help young learners cultivate their speaking and listening abilities. Gain mastery of the English language, improve cognitive abilities and soft skill development.

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Private Tutoring

Personalized private tutoring to provide individual digital experiences to learners. Our innovative delivery techniques raise curiosity in the minds of learners. Avail professional tutoring services at affordable rates.

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Space Science

Gain knowledge on some of the most exciting topics in space studies. Explore our amazing universe and let students develop their scientific thinking, creativity and engineering potential. Explore solar systems, galaxies and their place in the universe.

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