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All around us, innovation is happening at breakneck speed. In a world where being technology savvy is essential to competitive success, it is important for schools to integrate AI and Robotics into their curriculum at an early stage. Studies show that learning robotics not only improves students’ consistency and grasp of mathematics but also weakens gender stereotypes in STEAM-related careers. Schools should include conversations about these technologies to encourage students to start early and educate them on the concepts they need to specialize in once they complete schooling and enter their career field of choice.

Integrating Robotics and AI in the curriculum

With BCT Learning, AI and Robotics can be both fun and functional, in addition to posing numerous other benefits. Research has revealed that children tend to understand STEAM concepts better once well-planned and developmentally appropriate activities are used to communicate these concepts to them.

We understand that AI and related STEAM skills are more in demand than ever before and are imperative for professional success in the future. We enable schools to embed the first phase of AI into their curriculum, helping to plug gaps caused by the lack of a systematic learning approach, qualified educators, a conducive and progressive study environment and an AI ecosystem.

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A2I (Acquire, Apply & Innovate)
Robotic Education Pedagogy is the Core


Create Interest
Through fun, interactive and activity-based learning

Acquire and Build
Fundamentals of AI, robotic and coding in a systematic and progressive curriculum


Apply Fundamentals
Into real life scenario, application and competitions

Project Based program
Develop learners’ inquisitive and creative mindsets, problem-solving skillset and teamwork


Innovate and Design
Based on learner’s creation and culmination of technologies

Develop Deep Domain Expertise
Through high-end research, participation in forums and conferences

Progressive curriculum according to the age of the learner

Our scientifically crafted learning solutions help young learners to easily absorb and start using the elementary concepts of AI and Robotics while evolving as they gain a better understanding of the subject matter. Our progressive learning solutions keep pace with the growing requirements of learners as they gain a more conceptual and functional knowledge of the topic.

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Teacher training

An important part of an effective AI and Robotics curriculum is training the educator. We offer a certified teacher training system, involving senior trainers and solution experts. Our innovative training approach combines online and offline teaching techniques, methods, materials, software and hardware products, and programming skills.

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AI labs

Our learning platform also integrates tools and techniques to promote a one-stop AI learning experience, driven through key programming modules, simulation laboratory, IOT laboratory, and a fully functional AI Lab. The state-of-the-art AI Lab design includes designated areas for learning, competition, exhibition, and so on, that help promote AI education in schools. Our AI Lab even comes furnished with a rich AI algorithm model library that helps students build functional AI models easily and from the scratch.

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Our Other Solutions

Digital Content

Digital Content

By leveraging technology, high-quality and relevant educational videos discover how we make content easily accessible to learners anytime and over any device.

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Langauage Learming

Language Learning & Exam Preparation

Programs customized to help young learners cultivate their speaking and listening abilities. Gain mastery of the English language, improve cognitive abilities and soft skill development.

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Private Tutoring

Personalized private tutoring to provide individual digital experiences to learners. Our innovative delivery techniques raise curiosity in the minds of learners. Avail professional tutoring services at affordable rates.

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Space Science

Gain knowledge on some of the most exciting topics in space studies. Explore our amazing universe and let students develop their scientific thinking, creativity and engineering potential. Explore solar systems, galaxies and their place in the universe.

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