Shaping the future of higher education to accelerate student progress

The rapidly evolving higher education world is facing the need to deliver an engaging and compelling curriculum in line with its institutional goals and student aspirations. BCT Learning’s technology-enabled offerings and solutions make hybrid learning simple and highly effective. Our solutions enable both institutions and educators to prepare students for the future and groom them into professionals who are fully equipped to transition into their respective spheres easily and transform them holistically.

Remote Learning

With the advent of digital technologies, remote learning has become an essential way for educators and students to share and access information. In the hands of exemplary professionals, remote learning not only overcomes physical barriers but can also be used to build and promote a collaborative learning ecosystem. BCT Learning offers technology-enabled remote learning platforms that are easy to administer, flexible and cost-effective. We enable educators to create and drive innovative hybrid classroom experiences that connect students to the outside world and prepare them for the needs of the modern workplace.

  • The easiest-to-use video management system in the market
  • Blended learning techniques, delivered through flexible video capture and streaming tools
  • The ability for educators to record and share flipped classroom experiences
  • Active Learning – Make your courses video interactive and student engagement better
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Technology Consulting and Implementation

The modern-day educational institution thrives on exclusive, centralized platforms that manage the entire curriculum and methodology of education, making it fast, efficient, and agile. BCT Learning offers consulting and implementation services for its Moodle-based Learning Management System that enables institutions to create and deliver lessons effectively, streamline administration, track student progress, conduct assessments, and provide feedback in real-time. We offer efficient implementation and management of end-to-end e-learning solutions for higher education through our reliable, fully managed hosting service that guarantees exceptional performance with 99.99% uptime.

  • Set up LMS and SIS on cloud or your own infrastructure
  • Allow instructors to define and create high-impact lessons and assessments
  • Centralize the curriculum and system of education delivery
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Experiential Solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, higher education and vocational institutions face the challenge of meeting the needs of new age learners. These learners seek innovative approaches that go beyond traditional classrooms and emphasize experiential learning. The focus is on creating futuristic learning ecosystems that offer hands-on experiences and interactive learning opportunities. It is crucial for institutions to adapt and empower educators to excel in their evolving roles.

Our experiential solutions are designed to create futuristic learning ecosystems that cater to the needs of new age learners. These innovative solutions empower educators to deliver comprehensive and immersive learning experiences tailored to individual students’ needs, interests, and abilities. By partnering with BCT Learning, institutions can shape a world-class education that prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

  • Instill practical skills aligned with Industry 4.0, encompassing both essential technical and soft skills.
  • Empower students for cross-functional collaboration in Industry 4.0 settings through dedicated future skills labs.
  • Grant learners access to cutting-edge technology and advanced tools, fostering hands-on learning experiences.
  • Foster adaptability and Industry 4.0 awareness, preparing students for emerging trends like AI, IoT, smart cities, renewable energy, and more.
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Digital Content

Educational videos are a highly effective tool for educators, serving as supplemental material for students who need extra help or for those who want to learn more about a specific topic. They are also a great, alternative teaching strategy for students who have difficulty learning in traditional classrooms. Yet accessing the right, curated video content in an institutional set-up can be a major challenge for learners and educators. BCT Learning understands that educational videos act as an indispensable tool that transforms and empowers the present-day learning ecosystem. Our technologies help educators and learners accelerate and enrich the process of extracting added value from video-enabled learning.

  • Assurance of high-quality, relevant, and curated content
  • Eliminate roadblocks in effective video content access and delivery
  • Accelerate and streamline education through customized and educationally rich video collections
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Robotics & STEAM For Higher Education

Robotics and the STEAM fields have seen rapid growth, driven by an increasing demand for skilled workers across the globe. AI is expected to create millions of jobs in the next decade, which is one of the reasons why colleges are adding these essential skills to their courses and curriculum. BCT Learning offers the next generation of Robotics and STEAM solutions that evolve with the growth and expertise level of the learner while equipping them with the necessary skills to make an impact in the workforce of the future.

At BCT Learning, we specialize in creating dynamic, hands-on learning environments that align with your curriculum and core values. Our team provides comprehensive support, from design to implementation, to help you build experiential and experimental labs, maker spaces, and blended learning environments. We offer personalized guidance, including curriculum mapping, objective setting, space design, teacher training and workshops, and ongoing support for successful implementation.

  • Improve their STEAM skillset over the course of their higher education journey and gain expert-level knowledge
  • Systematic learning approach to encourage learners to build a scientific mindset and enhance logical reasoning capabilities
  • Leverage a wealth of stimulating learning resources tailor-made for each stage of learning
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Language Learning

The concept of language learning is not just limited to developing adequate communication skills – especially in the context of higher education. It is about leveraging the benefits that come out of learning a new language, such as improved cognitive and collaborative skills, cultural amalgamation, and creativity. BCT Learning understands how these are all important qualities to succeed in today’s globalized business world. Our language solutions help inculcate vocational English-speaking capabilities in advanced learners, helping them achieve real-world fluency faster and more effectively.

  • Gain English fluency quickly and organically
  • Take language learning to a new level, generating faster results.
  • Guidance and metrics for educators and learners at every step
  • Industry-specific topics for developing language fluency
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Classroom Technology & Campus Management

Modern-day institutions require high-end software and hardware to help with the classroom management and administration. This includes everything from managing attendance to student and educator information, classroom scheduling, and beyond. BCT Learning helps higher education institutions adopt the latest classroom and campus management technologies to offer students a more personalized and enriching learning experience. Our solutions also enable educators to expand classrooms to their full potential, making them innovative and informative to the new-age learner.

  • Campus management software to manage, monitor and optimize campus activities
  • Classroom management technology, including interactive and smart products, which are designed with educators and students in mind
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