LMS in higher education

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, higher education institutions must stay competitive and deliver world-class learning experiences. Implementing an effective Learning Management System (LMS) for colleges offers the ability to administer, update, and monitor educational materials and activities remotely.

Notably, LMS platforms equipped with AI-driven content creation and personalization features are pivotal in enhancing student engagement and providing valuable data for decision-making.

Delivering engaging multi-device e-Learning

BCT Learning offers Learning Management Solutions that enable colleges, universities, and educators to deliver exceptional learning experiences to students. We offer managed learning services to help our clients assess the maturity of their e-learning initiatives and help them rapidly implement learning solutions successfully.

We help our clients with the delivery of e-learning services across devices, in addition to pre- and post-implementation consulting and support.

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Effortlessly implement competency-based education, align class content with competencies, and monitor student progress.
Personalized skill
Empower teachers and students to set, map, track, and achieve customized learning goals.
Streamline tasks, save time, and enhance personalization with powerful automation features.
Harness analytics for informed decisions, showcasing learning impact and optimizing programs.

Dynamic learning for real-world success

In today’s ever-evolving educational landscape, students represent the future leaders, and our dedication lies in their comprehensive growth. Our platform is meticulously designed to not only captivate and empower but also to equip students for future readiness.

  1. Rewarding Achievements: Award students with points and badges for their accomplishments.
  2. Mastering Concepts with Structured Learning: Achieve expertise through structured learning paths that lead to class completion and certificates, ensuring readiness for real-world careers.
  3. Connect and Collaborate: Engage in meaningful discussions with peers and faculty members, fostering a dynamic learning community.
  4. Showcasing Achievements: Let students proudly showcase their accomplishments to the world.
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Streamlined teaching

In the pursuit of excellence in education, teachers are the cornerstone of success. Our LMS, aims to make teaching a breeze by simplifying the process and empowering educators to create impactful learning environments.

  1. AI Content Creation: Easily craft engaging content for your classes, including AI-powered content creation in minutes.
  2. Tailored Student Content Delivery: Personalize student content based on their goals and performance.
  3. Diverse Assignment Options: Choose from a variety of assignment types.
  4. Efficient Goal Setting: Save time by setting clear goals for your students.
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Efficient reporting and analytics

Effective educational management is crucial for achieving institutional goals. Our LMS provides the tools needed to oversee and optimize the entire educational ecosystem.

  1. Comprehensive Insights: Access valuable information about classes, assignments, and student progress.
  2. Centralized Campus Management: Efficiently manage multiple campuses from a single account.
  3. Enhanced Parent Engagement: Facilitate parents’ access to their children’s grades.
  4. Customized Institutional Portals: Create tailored portals to meet your institution’s specific needs.
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Ease of integration

Our platform offers seamless integration with top educational tools such as Google Drive, Office 365, MS Teams, Kaltura, Go1, Zapier, Zoom, and Turnitin. We also support Amazon Alexa for quick information access.

SIS integration automates data synchronization from systems like Clever and Kimono, eliminating manual work, and offers flexibility with SIS APIs for other systems.

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Hosting and support

Our platform offers universal access, ensuring faculty and students stay connected on any device. Mobile apps for iOS and Android provide convenient access.

Our comprehensive help center, with organized topics, one-click support access, and resources, is available whenever needed.

Our dedicated support team provides 24/7 assistance with premium and standard options.

Our Other Solutions

Robotics & STEAM

We equip learners with the necessary skills and help them gain expert-level knowledge. Access a wealth of stimulating learning resources tailor-made for each stage of learning.

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Technology Consulting and Implementation

BCT Learning offers technology consulting and implementation to guide institutions in creating and delivering lessons effectively, tracking student progress and much more!

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Digital Content

Discover an alternative teaching strategy for students who face difficulty in traditional classrooms. We understand that educational videos are a highly effective tool for all educators and learners to empower the present-day learning ecosystem.

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Classroom Technology & Campus Management

Offering higher education institutions the latest classroom and campus management technologies to optimize and manage activities. Our interactive and smart products offer students a more personalized and enriching learning experience.

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