Remote learning for higher education

Remote learning technologies that incorporate newer and more interactive features are transforming traditional campuses. One of the critical features of remote learning is that it offers educators the flexibility to plan and structure their curriculum and the method of delivery effectively.

Studies reveal that the positive impact of remote learning technologies is very real and measurable. With the emergence of blended solutions that handle everything from teaching to discussions, assessments, and feedback-sharing, there are more options available to colleges, educators, and learners today to improve outcomes at every stage of learning.

Distance learning solutions made easily accessible

BCT Learning realizes the growing importance of remote learning in modern-day institutions. We understand how premier institutions have been leveraging these technologies to improve the effectiveness of their curriculum, as evidenced by a significant increase in adoption rates over the past couple of years.

New-age learners today prefer to use remote sessions and lecture recordings to reinforce their understanding of concepts and prepare for assessments while increasingly finding them useful. Our solutions provide both educators and students easier access to newer methods of learning, enabling them to utilize available resources to their full potential, and overcome the limitations posed by factors such as geography.

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Lecture capture

Asynchronous technologies like lecture capture have revolutionized the face of information delivery by simplifying the process of education while setting it in a dynamic and interactive environment. Our lecture capture technologies have been observed to have a positive impact on study results, and we also provide the required support to ensure they are used effectively.

Our solutions present unique opportunities in a world where a sizable portion of students face challenges with language processing, attention, and social interactions. By enabling educators to inculcate excellence in students and promote compelling learning experiences, we help institutional knowledge sharing easy, simple, and comprehensive.

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Flipped classroom

Our flipped classroom solutions create an equal partnership between learners and educators in a highly adaptive environment that is conducive to learning. A step away from traditional textbook-based delivery, flipped classrooms build a learner-centric ecosystem where the educator plays the role of a facilitator and encourages students to take charge of their learning. Our flipped classroom solutions make it easy to capture and distribute flipped videos over multiple devices, improving student engagement, proactive participation, and retention.

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Integration with LMS

All of our solutions are integrated with the existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) of colleges, helping to manage their educational content and administrative activities in a comprehensive manner. We ensure that our solutions seamlessly integrate with legacy tools and technologies and that there are no gaps in the exchange of information across systems.

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Our Other Solutions

Robotics & STEAM

We equip learners with the necessary skills and help them gain expert-level knowledge. Access a wealth of stimulating learning resources tailor-made for each stage of learning.

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Technology Consulting and Implementation

BCT Learning offers technology consulting and implementation to guide institutions in creating and delivering lessons effectively, tracking student progress and much more!

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Language Learning

Learning a language is not just limited to developing adequate communication skills but also improved cognitive and collaborative skills. Gain fluency quickly and organically.

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Digital Content

Discover an alternative teaching strategy for students who face difficulty in traditional classrooms. We understand that educational videos are a highly effective tool for all educators and learners to empower the present-day learning ecosystem.

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