About BCT Learning

BCT Learning’s journey began in 2019 with the purpose of using innovative EdTech solutions to empower K12, higher education and corporates. We bring unparalleled expertise to help our clients fix the gaps in their learning models. Delivering an exceptional experience that transcends geo-locations, drives students to become good learners, and prepares them for a new tomorrow, is integral to this.

Through immersive classroom experiences powered by remote learning, advanced lecture capture technologies, state-of-the-art delivery methods, STEAM solutions and more, we endeavor to make the learning process efficient and effective for teachers while enabling students to acquire the marketable skills that are indispensable in tomorrow’s world.

Our innovative courses are designed in collaboration with leading partners and highly qualified teachers to help students unlock their genius within and discover academic and real-world success.

We offer a wide range of programs from robotics & STEAM, to programming, AI, and space science to capture student interest and instill in them today’s essential skills, like cognitive thinking, problem-solving, and retention, which in turn leads them to exceptional academic performance. In addition, our private tutoring services nurture students by giving them individualized experiences and the focused attention they need to keep pace with their academic demands.

About us Bahwan CyberTek

About Bahwan CyberTek

BCT Learning borrows its rich legacy from the Bahwan Group and is the education division of Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) Group– a leading global digital transformation company headquartered in the Middle East.

Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) is a global provider of digital transformation solutions in the areas of Predictive Analytics, Digital Experience and Digital Supply Chain Management. Driving innovation through outcome-based business models, proven and powerful IP solutions, BCT is a trusted partner for over 1000+ customers, including Fortune 500 companies. Established in 1999, BCT has over 4000+ associates with technical and domain expertise across the Oil & Gas, Telecom, Power, Government, Banking, Retail and SCM / Logistics verticals.

We have delivered solutions in 20 countries across North America, the Middle East, Far East, Africa and Asia. For more information, please visit www.bahwancybertek.com.

Our people

Our people come with decades of experience in the education and training domains, and they are instrumental in adding value to our vast learning portfolio. Our highly qualified professionals include experts in the field of Edtech and consulting as well as a world-class team of subject matter experts.

Diversity is one of our biggest strengths. Our skilled and diverse teams, along with an inclusive and dynamic work culture, enable us to deliver innovative concepts and learning solutions to leading educational institutions, educators, and learners.

Through the rich legacy we borrow from our parent companies, combined with our award-winning products, a highly motivated team, and unparalleled regional expertise, we continue to meet client expectations, by empowering institutions and educators to strengthen curriculum delivery, upskill new-age learners, and drive exceptional academic value.



The latest courses in programming, space science, STEM, and more, along with world-class private tutoring services.

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Immersive classroom experiences that enable educators to plug curriculum gaps and deliver their best output

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State-of-the-art remote learning technologies to upskill and prepare the young leaders of tomorrow

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