Oman Innovation Festival 2024

The Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation (MOHERI) is bringing the first  Innovation Festival, an extraordinary national event focused on propelling the landscape of innovation in Muscat.

This dynamic event serves as a beacon for the national innovation system, renewing the discourse on groundbreaking ideas and advancements.

Against the backdrop of this vibrant gathering, BCT Learning proudly takes center stage as the gold sponsor, aligning with the festival’s ethos of fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge.


About the Festival

The Oman Innovation Festival 2024 will be held between 5th-10th February at Innovation Park, Muscat. The event is a testament to our collective commitment to propelling innovation to new heights. It serves as a platform to showcase the latest developments in the field, bringing together a diverse community of innovators, thought leaders, and supporters.

At its core, the festival is a catalyst for creating an environment that stimulates and nurtures innovators, contributing to the nation’s journey towards a sustainable, knowledge-based economy.

Goals of the Festival

  1. Facilitating Collaboration: The festival acts as a meeting ground where innovators from various segments converge with supporters of innovation from both public and private sectors. It is a space designed to encourage collaboration, sparking conversations that transcend boundaries and lead to innovative partnerships.
  2. Empowering Innovators: Embracing a positive and supportive atmosphere, the festival hosts motivational competitions, training workshops, and awareness sessions. By providing tangible support, we aim to empower innovators, equipping them with the tools they need to transform ideas into impactful solutions.
  3. Promoting Innovation Culture: Beyond being an event, the festival is a cultural movement designed to permeate society with a spirit of innovation. Through immersive exhibitions, thought-provoking competitions, and interactive programs, we strive to instil a passion for creativity and innovation in individuals of all backgrounds.
  4. Addressing Challenges and Encouraging Investment: Recognizing the challenges faced by innovators, the festival sheds light on these issues, sparking discussions that pave the way for solutions. Furthermore, it actively promotes investment in innovation-based startups, recognizing their potential to drive positive change and contribute significantly to the innovation landscape.


About BCT Learning 

At BCT Learning, we understand the transformative power of education. Our comprehensive suite of integrated and fully scalable EdTech solutions is designed to empower educators and inspire learners. Through state-of-the-art remote-learning technologies, we facilitate a dynamic and immersive learning experience that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

Our mission is to enable educators to impart not only knowledge but also essential skills and confidence to learners. We believe in a hands-on and effective approach that prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow’s world. By offering innovative learning solutions, we contribute to upskilling young minds, equipping them with new-age skills, and enhancing their marketability.


Save the date and visit us at the epicentre of innovation – the Oman Innovation Festival 2024.