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The universe mesmerizes us; it amazes us and excites us. Maybe because it seems to be so far beyond our imagination, it poses so many interesting questions. But what if we’re given a chance to learn and understand more about it from some of the brightest brains out there?

Our Universe Science course gets you expertise on some of the most curious questions ever asked about the universe like: ‘How did it all begin?’ ‘What’s out there?’ or ‘What exactly is a black hole?’ Sounds intriguing, right?

Sign up now and see for yourself how it is all happening in real-time. Get deeper insights by mastering the concepts around the origins of the universe, explore the unexplored planets, constellations and more – in the most exciting way possible.

Course Details

Topics covered

  • Origin of universe/Big Bang theory
  • Stellar evolution (Supernovae, Pulsars, Blackhole etc.)
  • Galaxies and constellations
  • Solar system (Sun, planets, comets, asteroids etc.)
  • Lunar world
  • Exo-planets exploration
  • Cosmic measurement techniques

Course activities

  • Star tracking
  • Recreate expansion of Universe
  • Build a rotating galaxy
  • Finding constellations
  • Make a comet
  • Finding habitable zone where earth-like planet and aliens might exist
  • Process your own cosmic image using a live virtual telescope

Included in the course

60-minutes per class

Guidance at every step

Course completion certificates

Module completion certificate

Top Rated

Recordings available for missed classes

Periodical project work

Home assignments


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