self-paced learning

Why self-paced learning?

Every child is unique and so are his or her learning needs. At its core, e-learning functions with this philosophy in mind – offering a customized learning environment that satisfies the need of each learner in the context of their end goal: to learn the language confidently.

Our e-learning approach combines the benefits of traditional face-to-face and online modules, enabling young learners to master different skills at their own pace. The focus is not just on course completion or passing exams, but rather on enabling learners to gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter and acquire the essential skillsets they need to excel in the real world.

What sets us apart from the rest?

focused learning

Focused learning materials

Through an extensive assortment of multimedia, including 1,100+ videos featuring native English speakers, animated e-books on listening comprehension, and semantic sets, we enable learners to study effectively and get the most from our courses.

Carefully curated courses

Carefully curated courses

Our courses promote social and emotional learning and are crafted with the help of experts who have years of academic experience in the field. The end-result is a rich and personalized curriculum that enables learners to gain conversational confidence, which in turn translates to all-round development in writing and reading comprehension.

Balanced cognitive loads

Balanced cognitive loads

Striking the right balance between different types of cognitive loads is a skill that we have mastered over the years. Our courses are designed to deliver an impactful learning experience that affects the working memory, improves retention of critical information, and increases assimilation.

Core values based curriculum

Core-values-based curriculum

Our courses rely on research-based methodologies that enable learners to not only master the English language, but also absorb character-building values. The skills they acquire through our program are holistic – helping them to build character and succeed as productive citizens.

Advanced speech recognition

Advanced speech

We use state-of-the-art speech recognition technology to understand each learner and customize the curriculum according to their preferred style and pace. Through our proven instructional strategies, we develop the art of conversational English in every child, leading to accelerated learning and unmatched fluency.

Intermediate Learners

Meticulously designed courses according to the age group of students.

Courses for Young Learners

Our learners imbibe character-building values through a blended learning
method combining mobile apps, books, games, videos, and songs.

Included in the course

Wide Range of study material

Detailed Feedback

Detailed Feedback for activity

End of lesson test

End of lesson test

Record and playback

Record and playback

Mobile App Access

Mobile App Access

Progress Reports

Progress Reports

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